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Hello, everyone. This is Kitsuregawa of National Institute of Informatics. These days, in addition to TV, radio, newspapers, and books, we can easily access to various information from the vastly spreading use of the internet and mobile phones. But on the other hand, trouble seems to increase. There are uncountable numbers of problems such as; computer virus, hacking, internet communication problem, unauthorized disclosure of personal information, phishing scams, and bank transfer scams, involving people from children to adults. There are rules to be observed and measures to be taken in the society we live. Princess Rin Rin will introduce those norms and countermeasures. To tell you the truth, I invited Princess Rin Rin from the future world. Princess Rin Rin lives in is a terrible world with computer viruses widely spreading, no rules in using the computers, tons of false information, and information crimes frequently occurring. We must learn from Princess Rin Rin now to make our future a brighter one. If we start now, it is possible to create the world without these problems!

Princess Rin Rin (8)

National Institute of Informatics, Information Security Policy Promotion Committee for Higher Education Institutes,

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