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Bhutan is located in southern Asia between China and India. In 1972, the Fourth King of Bhutan noticed economic wellbeing does not usually result in an equitable society. Bhutan needed a development philosophy to balance economic development with the emotional and spiritual well-being of the people. Gross National Happiness (GNH) was prioritized as the development philosophy rather than Gross National Product (GNP). Today, GNH as a developmental paradigm is seriously implemented in all areas of the development including higher education and ICT. ICT can affect the achievement of the component goals of Gross National Happiness. The concept of ICT-enhanced GNH society has become an interesting aspect of Bhutanʼs progress towards the goal of GNH. In this course, the GNH practices in Bhutan and the expected contributions of ICTs are introduced and the issues remained will be discussed.

ICT-enhanced GNH Society in Bhutan (4)

Akinobu Kawai*, Tshering Wangdi**, Chimi Dorji**, Paljor Galay** and Tsuneo Yamada*, *The Open University of Japan, **Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan

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